Meet Our Music Tutor

"Since my childhood, music has played a large role in my life. I started singing at a young age, and later in my childhood I started learning piano and guitar. In 2011 I went to India to study sitar under the teacher Pt. Shivnath Mishra, and I started learning bansuri (Indian bamboo flute) shortly after that. Over the last years, I have had an increasingly strong desire to understand how music works and why it makes us feel the way it does. In 2013 I worked for 10 months at a musical instrument company in South-India to find answers to these questions: I researched the physics of different types of musical instruments, and looked specifically at how small differences in their tuning can greatly affect their sound. To get a stronger background in the science of sound, I undertook the MSc in Audio and Music Technology at the University of York, from which I graduated (with distinction) in 2015. My final project was a musical instrument, programmed on a computer, which plays in Just Intonation – a tuning system that allows for pure harmonies that cannot be played on most Western instruments.

I believe that a basic understanding of musical sound, and the principles underlying tuning and harmony can be a huge help in any form of musical practice. This is why my music classes often cover the fundamental principles of musical sound as well as music practices, from both Western and Indian traditions, to directly explore these musical principles. Through my music lessons, I hope to give you a solid understanding of the basic principles of music, as well as a number of practical pointers that will help you to continue exploring different facets of music on your own in the future. My aim is to make you feel confident and competent with singing or playing an instrument, so that you may fill your life with music and appreciate both its science and its mysterious beauty." - Joska de Langen