Emerald Roots

Emerald Roots is the business behind Emerald Tutoring and Emerald Computer Services. Emerald Tutoring offers lessons for various subjects giving you the opportunity to learn new skills. Emerald Computer Services helps with all your computer needs, from hardware to software and photo/video editing to graphic design. We can also service phones.


The name Emerald Roots links both parts of the business. Root being a computer related word - root account, root user . . . and root is also connected to our English as a Second Language Tutoring - root word, the culture and origin of a language.  

Emerald Tutoring

With Emerald Tutoring you can study whenever you want, wherever you want.

With Emerald Tutoring you can study whenever you want, wherever you want. We offer beginnerintensive and booster

courses to suit you. Browse our categories and learn new skills today. If you can't find what you are looking for please send us an email or contact us through our live help.


Our live online classes with expert tutors are available 7 days a week from the comfort of your home or office. You will always have direct access to an experienced teacher while you are a student.


We also have expert tutors in York and surrounding areas that can offer 1:1 classes and group workshops.

Emerald Computer Services

Emerald Computer Services offer a broad range of affordable services

Emerald Computer Services offers a broad range of affordable services including computer and mobile servicing, photo editing, web design and social media marketing. We don't just fix problems we like to show you how to maintain and get the most out of your computer/mobile at no extra cost. 


We provide advice and support worldwide. Please do contact us to find out more.

Customer Testimonials

"A great service given :-) Emerald Roots solved the issues that I was having with my laptop. They led me through the problem with it online and showed me how to deal with it successfully. I'm not one for all of the computer jargon so it was nice to be able to have things explained and solved in plain English."